Aerial Yoga Beginner Workshop

60 Minute Aerial Yoga Beginner Workshop

Get ready to explore the fitness evolution of Aerial Yoga. Our unique experience will guarantee you a full-body conditioning workout that will help alleviate back pain, relieve compressed joints and align your body from head to toe.

Our Aerial Yoga Beginner Course is the entry point to your AntiGravity journey and is suitable for all skill levels. During this 60 minute lesson, our expert coaches will guide you through the basics of Aerial Yoga including all the grips, wraps and traps you need to know to achieve your first inversion. It is here that you will feel the full benefits of a decompression session AntiGravity experience.  Move your body and soothe your soul with our Aerial Yoga Beginner Course. 




  • Learn the fundamentals of Aerial Yoga
  • 60-minute beginner workshop (Every Monday 5:30pm, and Saturday morning 9am)
  • 2 weeks unlimited access to all classes on our schedule (after completion of the beginner  workshop)
  • All levels welcome

* Please note:  For the safety and enjoyment for both you & other clients, you are required to complete the 60-minute Beginner Workshop as a pre-requisite before attending any other AntiGravity classes. 

Includes 1 Aerial Yoga Beginner Workshop and 2 weeks unlimited access