AntiGravity Beginners Workshop

AntiGravity Beginners Workshop + 2 Free AntiGravity Classes - $30

Join us for a full-body workout followed by total relaxation!

A great way to start your AntiGravity journey, you will be guided through the basics of the practice in a safe and supportive environment. Variations of poses and progressions will be offered as you become stronger and more confident with the practice.


Take flight with CircStudios AntiGravity Beginners Workshop:

  • AntiGravity Beginners Workshop
  • 2x AntiGravity AirFlow classes
  • All levels welcome


* Please note:  For the safety and enjoyment for both you & other clients, you are required to complete the AntiGravity Beginners Workshop as a pre-requisite before attending any other AntiGravity classes.