Beginner Aerial Silks & Hoop Course

Calling all circus admirers and gravity defyers!

Next 5-week course starting on April 21. 

Ready to flip your perspective on fitness and try something fun?

Each week you will be guided through various tricks and techniques on each apparatus to help you build strength and flexibility whilst gaining confidence in the air.

Experience the amazing strength, vitality and confidence you can gain with the CircStudios 5 Week Beginner Aerial Course:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Aerial Silks and Lyra
  • 60 minute structured lessons over 5 weeks that include a full body warm up, stretch, skills and strength and conditioning
  • Guidance and support by our passionate and knowledgeable instructors

Please wear long tights with no zippers for your aerial classes and no jewellery is to be worn.

After purchasing the course, please enroll yourself into the course date. 

* Please note:  For the safety and enjoyment for both you & other clients, you are required to complete the Beginner Aerial Course as a pre-requisite before attending any other Aerial Silk or Lyra classes. 

5 Week Aerial Course