Our Aerial Yoga classes offer a unique low impact workout that decompresses the spine, and strengthens the whole body. This is a mindful and joy-filled way to destress and build up positive functional pathways for your mind and body.

To view our class timetable and class descriptions, please download the PDF using the link below.

Introduction to Aerial Yoga

Our Aerial Yoga Intro Course is the entry point to your aerial journey and is suitable for all skill levels. 

During this 3 week course, our expert instructors will guide you through the foundations of aerial yoga including all the grips, wraps, and traps you need to know to achieve your first inversion.

It is here that you will feel the full benefits of a decompression session experience while finding connection to your mind and body.  Move your body and soothe your soul with our intro course. 

Aerial Yoga Membership

Once you have completed an introductory course with us, we have a full timetable of classes of varying styles and skill levels for you to continue your aerial yoga pathway.

We have a number of class packages and membership options to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Class Schedule