Experience the freedom of flight as we turn your fitness upside down with our Aerial, Suspension and Fitness Classes. For our live schedule and to book into classes, please download the CircStudios App.

Aerial Arts

Aerial Arts is an evolution in fitness, offering a balanced workout program that invigorates the mind and challenges the body. CircStudios offers regular classes in both silks and lyra (hoop), along with some specialty classes in trapeze, rope and other apparatus’.

Get started with our 5 week aerial beginner course which is designed to teach you the fundamentals of silks & lyra in a safe and supportive environment, setting you up with the foundation to progress to higher level moves and building sequences.

Upon completion of the beginner course, our coaches will advise you of the best regular classes to suit your skills level and fitness goals.

Aerial Yoga

Our Aerial Yoga classes offer a low impact workout, that conditions the whole body. With the support of the hammock, you will be able to achieve moves and inversions which provide a wealth of health benefits while building strength and flexibility. Our Aerial Yoga classes are a perfect precursor to our Aerial Arts program as it allows you to build confidence in the air and specific strength such as grip and core strength.

We offer a 5 week beginner course, that will teach you the basics of working with the suspension hammock. After completion of this course, you will be able to explore this revolutionary genre of fitness.


UBOUND ® is an intense and energetic program that utilises the mini trampoline to give you a high intensity workout with low impact. UBOUND ® benefits the lymphatic system, helping the release of toxins to fight cellulite and offers a very simple, effective and fun training program.

Our coaches will have you sweating in no time with easy to follow classes that will strength and tone your entire body and help increase your cardiovascular fitness while having a lot of fun!

Class Schedule